Setting up SWXHelper is totally simple and works like any other SOLIDWORKS macro.
Furthermore, no admin rights are required, so SWXHelper can be set up independently by any CAD user.

However, those who have never worked with macros might find this tutorial useful.

From now on, you can limit the functions in SWXHelper to what you really need. Just turn off features you don’t need. (Available from version


Rename sheets easier than ever. RenameSheets reads the custom properties directly from the part (first view on the sheet). You just choose which property and separator you want to use and RenameSheets renames your sheets. (Format: SheetNo_ValueOfProperty_Format)

Insert custom workpiece edge symbols without creating blocks first. WorkpieceEdges draws these symbols itself and assembles them into a block. Try it out… (Available from version

Parts have been cancelled or not yet released for production? Then watermark them with Watermarks. With Watermarks you can set, change or remove watermarks on your drawings quickly and easily.

Save time and nerves with 1-Click-Printing. The tool automatically detects the sheet formats used and queries the printing options according to the selected sheets. Your printer and format settings are saved in your user profile and will already be set the next time you use them.

With BOMCrypt you can quickly and easily create manipulated BOM columns. Conceal the origin of your purchased parts and thereby secure follow-up orders and spare parts inquiries.

With BOM2Excel you can easily export your BOMs to Excel. Use an existing file as a template or generate a new one. BOM2Excel has the options of column assignment and skipping the title row. (for the use of BOM templates from customers)

As of update, the target columns can be saved as profiles in BOM2Excel.
Store a separate profile for each of your custom Excel templates and save time for all future designs.

With the updates and of the feature “BOM2Excel” the favorite tool has been extended again by 2 functions.

In update the limitation of 10 columns for export has been removed. Now the number of columns from the selected BOM is recorded and the same number of columns is made available for export.

Since version, users can now decide whether they want to export hidden rows of the BOM or not.

DrawingSaveAs saves your selected drawings in the desired formats. As filenames the current sheet names are used, if necessary you can add prefix and suffix.

SurfaceFinish recognizes the used surface symbols on your current drawing sheet and lists them at the set position. In addition, an indication of the general surface roughness is set.

The ViewManager comes with a number of new sub-features. Each of the features in ViewManager applies to ALL views of the current sheet. With ViewManager you save a lot of clicks and it supports you in standardizing your drawings. (Available from version

Hide all views that are outside the leaf frame. The hidden views will not be detected when exporting your drawings and your exported files will remain clean. (No more dead bodies in DXF’s)

(Available from version

Use IsDrawn to display which parts you have already drawn.

(Available from version

InspectionDimensions is a simple way to manage inspection numbers.

If required, a test dimension table can be output. This can be done directly on the drawing sheet or as an Excel export.

(Available from version


Who doesn’t know it, you open an older design and all toolbox parts go crazy. Stop it… After completing your design, simply convert all Toolbox parts to Solidwork parts with just a few clicks.

Need to deliver your assembly to your customer in multiple formats? AssemblySaveAs saves your assembly in the selected formats.

From version of SWXHelper you can select the configurations you want to save in AssemblySaveAs. So that you do not lose the overview, the exported files can be sorted by format and saved in subfolders.

(Available from version

Manage your custom properties directly from the assembly. Opening each part individually for this purpose is now a thing of the past.


You need your Solidworks part in multiple formats to send it to different suppliers for inquiry, for example, then PartSaveAs is exactly what you need.

From version of SWXHelper you can select the configurations you want to save in PartSaveAs. So that you do not lose the overview, the exported files can be sorted by format and saved in subfolders.

(Available from version

You have self-created or downloaded standard parts and want to declare them as such? Then use IsFastener, select the configurations you want to change and the tool will do the rest. (For example, parts with the status “IsFastener” can be excluded from cutting on the drawing).

Create a new standalone part with DestroyPart and combine your SOLIDWORKS features into one import model. Use it to protect your know-how or simply manipulate your features.

(Available from version

With DeletePartColor you can remove colors from your active SOLIDWORKS part with a few clicks.

(Available from version

With CAMPart you can create a derived part for CAM manufacturing with just a few clicks.


-no orphaned auxiliary sketches of manufacturing in the designs

-When passing on the original SOLIDWORKS files, the CAM program is NOT passed on.

(Available from version

Create file properties with BoundingBox, with self-updating outer dimensions of your part.
(Requires at least SOLIDWORKS 2018)

(Available from version

With SheetBoundingBox you can write the dimensions of your sheet unwinding as a configuration specific property with little effort. The output is linked to the cutting list and updates automatically when changes are made to the part.

(Available from version

Manage the options of your subconfigurations with just a few clicks. – BOM options – remove configurations – delete, add, update properties

(Available from version