• Update:(EasyProperties) Creation of favorite properties added
  • Update:(General) Added checkboxes for closing various forms after execution
  • BugFix:(1-Click-Printing) The printer selection is not saved has been fixed


  • Update:(PartSaveAs) Exporting files using the configuration-specific properties
  • Update:(LogFileSystem) The log file system was further expanded
  • BugFix:(EasyProperties) Fixed the activation of suppressed parts


  • Update:(BOM2Excel) Added export option for hidden rows
  • Update:(LogFileSystem) The log file system was further expanded
  • BugFix:(BOM2Excel) Unwanted output of hidden lines
  • BugFix:(EasyProperties) Fixed freezing with insufficient user rights


  • Update:(BOM2Excel)Now provides as many columns as the parts list has


  • Update:(SurfaceFinish) Added bracket size setting
  • BugFix:(BOM2Excel) Fixed an error in the output of hidden cells


  • Update:(BOM2Excel) Assignment of file names added
  • Update:(BOM2Excel) Saves more information in the created profile.
  • Update:(BOM2Excel) Update profiles added
  • BugFix:(BOM2Excel) Title line is not skipped if it is at the bottom of the BOM (fixed).


  • Update:(SurfaceFinish) Added options for the general surface symbol


  • BugFix:(WorkpieceEdges) SOLIDWORKS instance was not released when exiting via [X].
  • BugFix:(CAMParts) SOLIDWORKS instance of the original part was not released after creating the CAMPart.
  • Update:(Pos/Qty) Now supports ANSI and custom formats
  • Update:(SurfaceFinish) Now supports ANSI and custom formats
  • Update:(Watermarks) Now supports ANSI and custom formats
  • Update:(WorkpieceEdges) Now supports ANSI and custom formats
  • Update:(LogFileSystem) The log file system was further expanded
  • Update:(General) “Back” button added to all features
  • Update:(General) Minimize added to all features
  • Update:(DeletePartColors) Deletion of area colors accelerated.
  • Update:(EasyProperties) loading screens added


  • Update:(General) Proportionate integration of log files for better troubleshooting in the future.
  • Update:(RenameSheets) Custom format added
  • BugFix:(General) Error “Cant find an open SOLIDWORKS instance” when multiple SOLIDWORKS versions are installed
  • BugFix:(General) Error during update search (when internet connection is established and server is not available)
  • BugFix:(EasyProperties) Error if the selected part has no “Custom Properties”
  • BugFix:(Pos/Qty) Error with empty drawing view (e.g. due to missing parts)


  • New feature: InspectionDimensions
  • BugFix:(BOM2Excel) Destination folder can now only be set via the FileBrowser
  • Update: (PartBoundingBox) Performance improved


  • Update: (PartBoundingBox) Added selection of main levels
  • BugFix:(General) The maximize button has been removed from UserForms that do not support it.


  • Update: (BOM2Excel) Added function to create profiles


  • New feature: PartConfigurationManager
  • BugFix: (General) The SWXHelper files are again organized in a subfolder when the zip file is unzipped.


  • New feature: SheetBoundingBox
  • Update: (PartBoundingBox) Saves the name of the last newly created property
  • BugFix: (PartBoundingBox) Fixed error with parts without existing properties
  • BugFix: (PartBoundingBox) Partially non-editable properties were displayed for selection
  • BugFix: (General) Error in the German language file in the assembly – main form “=Eigenschaften”.


  • New feature: Settings
  • BugFix:(SurfaceFinish) Error in indenting surface characters with Min. / Max. Roughness, as well as material removal tolerance.


  • New feature: BoundingBox
  • BugFix: (General) Closing of the SWXHelper has been optimized / accelerated


  • Update: (General) DPI adjustment
  • Update: (SurfaceFinish) functions extended / indentation optimized


  • Update: (PartSaveAs / AssemblySaveAs) Saving without configuration name possible (if only one configuration selected/available)
  • BugFix: (EasyProperties)Fixed bug with suppressed parts (they were activated and displayed as “shell”)


  • Update: (1-Click-Printing)Added “Current sheet only” button
  • BugFix: (General) The ModelDoc was not released again after executing the update function.
    ( The bug is still present in the update from to and is only fixed for subsequent releases )


  • Update: (ViewManager) Connect all views with parts list
  • Update: (1-Click-Printing) Custom and US format added


  • Update:(ViewManager) New function added
  • BugFix: (ViewManager) Missing translation at “Link views with parts list


  • Update: (PartSaveAs / AssemblySaveAs) Functions extended
  • BugFix: (General) The linking of the PartSaveAs feature has been corrected.
  • BugFix: (General) Error when starting SWXHelper without an open document in SOLIDWORKS has been fixed.


  • New feature: EasyProperties
  • Update:(General)Added version display and update information to main menu windows


  • New feature: CAMPart
  • BugFix: (General) The Solidworks instance was not released again after error (restart of SOLIDWORKS was required)
  • BugFix: (General) Error due to incorrect Office installation (“Repair” of Office installation required)


  • New feature: DeletePartColors
  • Update: (RenameSheets) Performance improved 6%
  • Update: (Pos|Qty) Performance improved 18%
  • Update: (ViewManager – Delete corrupted elements) Performance improved 50%.
  • BugFix: The Solidworks instance is locked during the runtime of SWXHelper to avoid errors caused by user manipulation.


  • New feature: DestroyPart
  • BugFix: (General) The button for the DeleteColors feature has been removed. (The feature will come in a later release)
  • BugFix:(DestroyPart)No longer exchanges the reference in the assembly with the destroyed part
  • BugFix:(ViewManager) Saves the settings made


  • New feature:(ViewManager) To manage your views
  • BugFix: (General) Runtime error when running SWXHelper on the desktop has been fixed.
  • BugFix: (General) Error on startup when SOLIDWORKS is not the “active” window has been fixed.
  • BugFix: (BOM2Excel) Error when opening Excel is detected and intercepted


  • New feature:WorkpieceEdge for inserting workpiece edge symbols
  • BugFix: Completion of the UI of the feature Pos|Qty this was delivered unfinished.
  • BugFix:(General) Fixed an error in the supplied Updater.exe


  • First release